Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Project

So I am working on a new project...something that might change my life, and I thought I would share!! I am going to make a cute journal book where I can keep my weekly menu and grocery list and also my top 25 recipes so I always can remember that one last seems to slip my mind everytime!!

So what do you think???

Here is a sneak preview...

The Cover

The menu list...I got this from check her out she is amazing!

Monday, November 15, 2010

more holiday cards

I just got more holiday cards from Here they are…just picture your cute children’s faces on these cards!! Also we will customize any saying you want on the card too!!  (The Dark Gray Area is where your picture will go)

SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card12 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x5_Card5 SP_HolidayCards_Vol3_3_5x7 SP_HolidayCards_Vol3_9_4x8 SP_HolidayCards_Vol3_10_5x5 SP_HolidayCards_Vol3_13_4x8 SP_HolidayCards_Vol3_17_5x5 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_4x8_Card5 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_4x8_Card1 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_4x8_Card2 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_4x8_Card3 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_4x8_Card4 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x5_Card1 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x5_Card2 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x5_Card3 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x5_Card4 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card1 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card2 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card3 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card4 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card5 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card6 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card7 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card8 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card9 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card10 SP_HolidayCards_Vol5_5x7_Card11

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Signs

Here are the signs that I have been promising. There are 4 options to choose from. You can personalize these signs with your child’s name and also with the color you want. You will need to give me 3 color options.

Here is what your finished product will look like.


Charge is $14.50

Email me at to order by Nov 15th to have them by Christmas!

missionary plaque_corrected

i am a child of God_edited-1

daughter of a king_edited-1

sisterhood plaque_edited-1

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Another gift option would be Watch Bands

watch bands

These watches are interchangeable with the face. Total cost for watch band and face $28.00

Additional watch bands $15.00

Additional Watch Face $10.00

How to order. Let me know size-

Small 5-5" 1/2”

Medium 5 3/4”-6”

Large 6”-6 1/2”

Tell me the color of watch band you want, color of face and if you prefer the longer face or the square face. Contact me at



Are you always looking for that perfect gift for grandparents, mothers, friends…etc…

Well look at these cute Calendars by

click on this link 

I will create any of the 2 page calendars, have them printed, bound and delivered to you. Total cost would be $24.00

email me at and I will get your pictures from you

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Christmas Cards

Samples of Custom Christmas Cards

red 5x5 christmas card

Red 5x5

4x6 floral

Christmas Floral 4x6

5x5 blue holiday

Blue Holiday’s 5x5

5x7 christmas card ornament

3 picture Ornaments 5x7

believe 5x7_edited-1

Believe 5x7

Black and White 5x7

Black and White 5x7 let it snowgreen red and brown 5x5

Happy Holidays brown and red 5x5

These are just some of the samples of what your Christmas Cards could look like.

Pick the size, color and saying..Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Tis’ The Season, or whatever you would like. Let me know how many pictures you want on your card.

Then I will create, give you the chance to proof and I will have them printed and shipped (or hand delivered) to you! All you need to provide are envelopes and stamps!

Cost- $15.00 charge plus printing and shipping

Printing Charges would be

4x6-$0.13 each

5x7- $0.39 each

5x5- $0.45 each

If you are interested please email me at

*Need to give credit to and also for all of my templates used.